Featured Artist: Kena Dillon 


Kena is an interdisciplinary artist currently working in Cincinnati. Her work ranges from paintings done in oil or acrylic, to sculptures constructed out of lumber and welded steel. Her current body of work consists of her love for the physicality that is involved with sculpture, and working with different materials to create pieces inspired by personal life experiences. She's always loved working with her hands, and the need to do so grew more with her time in the Navy as an aircraft mechanic. Even though she is no longer in the Navy, the love of working with her hands still follows, therefore her work is very labor intensive and requires a great deal of attention on her part. She mostly works with wood and metal at the moment and enjoys how the organic forms of the wood compliment the harsh, geometric lines of the metal. When it comes to her viewers, she doesn't expect them to understand the meaning behind each abstracted piece, but wants them to at least walk away with an appreciation for the craftsmanship, intricacies, and discipline, that she has put so much time and self into.

Here are links to her instagram and website.